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Team Surf Chasers, best friends chasing the best conditions; it all started with a surfboard that didn't quite fit into a sports car and a surprise beach sunrise. 

As all the best stories do, this one starts with friends, friends already known and friends unknown but soon to be introduced. Chris and Deeanna travel in the predawn hours to a beach destination, he grins in the dashboard lights set to unleash the greatest of surprises upon the unsuspecting victim and her using the skills of a properly misspent youth to sleep in the deep bucket seat of a Veloster. They traveled to Ocean City Maryland to retrieve the impulse purchase of an 8' mini-mal, an arcane term that could have referred to a surfboard as easily as the tools of a wizard by Deeanna's knowledge, but as all Ride Or Dies know, you ask no questions and you get in the car. She wakes to the scent of coffee and the grinning face of an unknown friend and torturer, a man that speaks to soon when he asks,"Do you know how to swim?"

Deeanna's half open eyes show her inability to formulate the meaning of the sounds which emanate from the man's mouth. Chris smiles the cheesiest of smiles and grins,"Brian is going to teach you to surf."

She laughs and spills the scalding coffee across the interior of Chris's car, her voice a squeal of laughter and excitement, "Oh my-expletive-god!"  

It is two hours later before she says another word of coherent meaning, "That was awesome!"

Chris gives the only appropriate response, "Welcome to the addiction."

There have been countless dawn patrols since that day, each full of more pearling, falling out the backdoor, going through the wash, or going over the falls then anyone can shake a stick at and definitely more than anyone has enough time to laugh at or about. Somewhere among those dawn patrols a quintessential moment where wiping out and amusing the surfers we knew was less impressive than wiping out and amusing the surfers we didn't know occurs, thus the first surfin' safari was suggested or rather instructed as only one Ride Or Die can do to another. The exact destination of that first surfin' safari is as inconsequential as any other, but know the conditions were perfect and the wipe outs were as impressive as any can be; the addiction in full bloom and unchecked by any sense of morality or mortality it became an endless safari to see every beach at its best.

In Topsail, North Carolina, a destination known to always have a spot working, we wander into a surf shop and it happens for the first time: a surf shop owner recognizes us not by name, but by our proclivity to travel to waves. His greeting as warm as any imaginable, he shakes Deeanna's hand and asks where else she has been and the stories pour between the two for at least a full tidal cycle. Then it seems every where we go, more and more shop owners recognize us, ask what beaches we have seen and what the conditions are up and down the coast, handing out little tidbits of untracked surf spots by the main surf sites and guiding us too the hidden gems of their hometowns. A collective mentality that erupts unbidden and almost simultaneously amongst everyone we see, talk to, or surf beside- our travels are something to share and something every surfer should experience, if only they could find someone crazy enough to join them on the quest....

Enter Team Surf Chasers! 

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I seriously surf, I don't surf seriously... 




I lived in Hawaii for 7 years, never surfed a day....Stop laughing!