What is a Surfin' Safari?

Also called, Surfari, a surf safari is a journey to find good conditions for surfing, essentially it is a trip to a beach selected solely on premise that it has the best conditions for surfing. The term "Surfin' Safari", was popularized by the 1960's pop music group The Beach Boys, whom used the term to make a hit song-though none of the band members could actually surf.

Team Surf Chasers, is a group of surfers that work all week at regular jobs and go on Surfin' Safaris during the weekend. We find and chase the best surf conditions up and down the east coast of the US, surf them and come home. Most important of all- we want you to join the team! 

How Long Is a Surfin' Safari?

A Surf Safari with Team Surf Chasers, is usually a 24 hour event, most of our traveling is done through the night which limits our exposure to traffic through metropolitan areas and maximizes our time in the water by getting us to the beach around dawn and allowing us to stay until dusk. In essence a Surf Safari with Team Surf Chasers is a 1 day vacation spent at a beach with the prime surfing conditions available on the east coast.

What  if I don't know how to surf?

Although simply catching rays on the sands of a beautiful beach are always an option Team Surf Chasers has experienced surfers that can teach you the basics of surfing; water safety, paddling, catching waves, and standing up. As a team we work together to make sure everyone has a great experience and catches waves. Although we are not a "Surf School", we are surfers, we love the ocean, we share our knowledge, and learn something new every time we paddle out.

What if  I surf but don't own a board?

Team Surf Chasers can assist you in renting a board from a shop local to where we surf, we also have a few boards in our quiver that can be rented for the trip.

What defines "best conditions"?

Team Surf Chasers uses a variety of surf and weather reports to determine where the best conditions can be found on any given day. The way Team Surf Chasers finalizes the decision on where to surf is a combination of wave height, water conditions, weather conditions, travel time, and historic consistency of a beach. Team Surf Chasers looks for ideal conditions as far north as Maine and as far south as Florida. Team Surf Chasers prioritizes conditions as such: Wave height, wave texture, water temperature, and weather. Using this set of priorities Team Surf Chasers will often travel south in the winter months and north in the summer months.

What if there are no waves?

Team Surf Chasers can not guarantee the conditions at any beach, we read the surf reports and review the data and make our best choice for a destination for each surfin' safari. The weather and the waves are the domain of mother nature and though we do our best to chase down the best, there are days where mother nature throws us a curve ball. At such times we surf the conditions we have and enjoy the beach.

How does  a Surfin' Safari work?

We go surfing! Surfin' Safaris are planned as such, the dates for each safari are known in advance and the destination is decided the Wednesday before our departure. The team meets up at a predetermined location, in the Washington DC metro area, which is easiest for those attending, we load the team van, and we head to our destination. Most team members choose to sleep through the drive to and from the destination as we drive through the night both directions, but some have been known to play on their phones, watch movies, and one even reads books. The safari is your own time, a fast vacation, and there are no restrictions on how you spend it, provided you are not disruptive to other team members. When we arrive at the beach the team is free to paddle out, walk the beach, or otherwise spend the daylight hours as they see fit. At sundown we load the van and come home. 

How much does a Surfin' Safari cost?

The cost for a Surfin' Safari varies by beach, when you book online you are charged $85 to attend the event. This fee covers the full price of most "local" surf beaches; Assateague Island, Bethany Beach, or Indian River Inlet. For Destination beaches beyond this area there is a price increase dependent upon the distance traveled; when such destinations are announced team members are given 24 hours to decide if they will travel with the team or wait for a different surf beach. Team members that want to travel with the team pay the difference in price and those that wish to reschedule pick a new Surfin' Safari date.