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Frequently asked questions

How often do Surfin' Safaries take place?

On average there is 2 Surfin' Safaries in a month, in the summer this number can increase to a Surfin' Safari every weekend.

Is there an age requirement to join a Surfin' Safari?

Any minor who wants to join a Surfin' Safari must be accompanied by a legal guardian above the age of 18, legal guardians can accompany up to 3 minors.

What happens if a Surfin' Safari is cancelled?

Surfin' Safaries, are adventures and as such do not cancel very often. The team has encountered poor conditions which did not reflect the report and foul weather; we surf as intended providing it is safe to surf. In extreme cases, as in lightning storms at our destination, we have reviewed local weather and adjusted our destination to a close by beach with favorable conditions. To date, we have not cancelled a Surfin' Safari, we have altered the destination on several occassions.

Is there a group rate for a Surfin' Safari, if myself and my friends want to book the entire team van to ourselves?

Yes, there is a special rate for such a Surfin' Safari, you can also pick a special beach for your event. Contact us for the pricing of your dream Surfin' Safari.

Is it possible to speak to a team captain and ask questions?

Yes, you can contact Team Surf Chasers via email, phone, or text; to send us an email use the link above, to call/text us our number is (410) 972-8301.