Sci Fi Princess

Annapolis D&D

Here at Team Surf Chasers, we want to surf everyday, but what do we do at night?


Annapolis D&D is an amazing group of people, that really welcomed us with open arms. We stumbled upon them by mistake, and it is a mistake we didn't make soon enough. Every time we meet a new member of this group we walk away shaking our heads thinking, there is another super cool human I am glad to have met.

It is a small thing to share our space online with them, because they all deserve so much more, but it is an honor to share space with them because they are so damn cool. 

Annapolis D&D has their own subset of teams and here is each team shirt, check out the teams and come out to the shop and try your hand at gaming, after the game you might be able to jump in the van and surf with the team-It's happened before!


The proceeds from these sales go to Annapolis D&D to fund events.